Who I Want To Be In 50 Years

Last year I met a man who has an unbelievable passion and love for the athletic program that I work for. I quickly realized that this guy would do anything that I asked him, would bend over backward to complete any favor I threw his way.

This man also has a personality that goes unmatched by anyone else. He is a guy who you would love to have a drink with or who you would want to have entertain a group of your friends. Although considered in our society as elderly and although he has the gray hair and wrinkles to go along with the definition, if you spent two minutes with the man you would immediately see past it all. The guy does not stop living life, does not stop going full speed, does not stop laughing and joking around.

Tonight I had the pleasure of working with him again. As always, I was blown away. The way he treated all of us involved in the task we were working on made me just so thankful to be around a person of his character. I can’t overstate this man’s optimism and energy. He goes 100 miles per hour, building everyone up on the way. The guy looks and acts like a cartoon character to a degree but it only adds to his appeal.

If there is something this man loves more than the Montana Grizzlies it is just people in general. He not only believes in treating everyone with love and respect, he practices it. He is the perfect example of how human beings were probably intended to be.

I could go on and on but I rather just state real fast a few things that went through my head at the end of the night when I thought about this special man. First off, in my job I get to work with some amazing people in the Montana community who will go out of their way to help me. Secondly, I have the power to rub off on others by being either positive or negative. Act negatively and I can bring a lot of people down, act positively and I can build a lot of people up. Lastly, I want to do all I can to have the amazing outlook on life that this older man has. When I am his age, if I can somehow manage to have at least half of the life outlook that he has, my golden years should be pretty enjoyable. Don’t Blink.

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