The F Bomb

I appreciate the English language and I do advocate the usage of it in its intended and proper form. However, I do know that certain events, cultural situations, and environments call for a modified version of the language. Many times, our language is sprinkled with profanity. Ever watch a rated R movie? Ever read a crime novel? Ever play in sports? Ever just walk down the street? Cuss words are pretty much all around us and if you don’t have young kids around or you are not a church lady, chances are that these curse words are second nature to you and even come out of your own mouth from time to time. It is just a part of life.

But there is a distinct difference about using profanity from time to time and using it every other word. There are people who I encounter who have a problem with profanity, specifically the F word.

I think people use the F word over and over for a variety of reasons: they want to fit in, look cool, act tough, emphasize a point, display emotion, and/or command attention. Many people say it without even noticing they are saying it, a truly sad situation.  But what these people don’t understand is that many of us laugh behind their backs and take them for unintelligent morons when 50% of their spoken word is a derivative of the four letter word that starts with “fu” and ends with “ck”. Do people understand that there is little honor with dropping it? Everyone can utter the word, there is no special trick to it.  There is no cleverness or thought.

When guys abuse the word, it is one thing. I mean come on, us men are idiots anyway. Pretty much everything we are going to say minus the F word is going to be dumb so why not add onto the stupidity and constantly repeat a thoughtless word to go with our thoughtless opinions and sentences?
However, I think it is a real shame and a TURN OFF when women resort to clinging to F!@# as their go to word. A woman who constantly uses the F word, in my opinion, sacrifices her class and feminism that guys find irresistible.
People who use the F word as a defense mechanism need to give it up. When a discussion between two people about any subject starts to get pretty heated, you can immediately tell who the least confident and weaker opponent in the debate is: It is the one who has to resort to cuss words to pad their point. Because they don’t have enough content to back up their argument, they throw in the F bomb to try to give off an allusion of superiority and toughness. Nothing signals a weaker link than this. I know a girl who has different viewpoints regarding sports and other areas of life from me. From time to time, arguments would occur. I always knew I had her because the F bombs would start flying left and right. Sorry, your anger speaks so loud I can’t hear a word you are saying.
If you are going to use the F word, know when the appropriate time to use it is. Yes, during your poker game, when your team gets beat in the last inning, and when you stub your toe at your house are all acceptable times to use it. Don’t use it while talking to someone at the office, driving your kids to school, or at the supermarket. If you don’t have enough respect for yourself to defend your reputation, then at least have enough respect for the others around you (especially children) who should not be subjected to your potty mouth.
While saying the F word aloud is bad enough, some people act even stupider and will write it in e-mails, texts, and social media posts. I honestly never know what is going through the minds of people who will go on Facebook and write an expletive-laden status or post on a “like” page a comment that repeatedly uses the F bomb. In the age of iPhone screen captures, it is beyond me why people will type in profanity that would bring embarrassment to the person’s whole family if the recipient ever decided to share the texts. It should be just a general rule to never use the F word in any type of written correspondence.
Choose your time and place to utter that rare F bomb (if you even have to). Be sure to make it impactful. Refrain from using it out of anger. Keep in mind that the only people who can really get away with overusing the F bomb are gangster movie actors, rappers, and Samuel L. Jackson. Remember, people do take note of how you communicate. Repeatedly using a word that is synonymous with laziness will not get you very far. Clean up your language and say something meaningful. Don’t Blink.

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