Memories LOST

About two hours ago I was reading a magazine when a jolt of fear shot through my body and I yelled aloud “OH SHIT!!” I sprinted out of the chair I was sitting in and dashed into our laundry room where I had just put a load into the washer. I stopped the machine and swung open the door. I threw all of my clothes out of the washer until I got to my khaki shorts. I grabbed the soaking wet shorts and unbuttoned one of the pockets and took out my flip camera hoping for some type of a miracle.
So much for a miracle.
One of my most favorite possessions, my Ultra HD Flip Camera, was destroyed. Water had gotten inside the screen and rendered every feature unusable. My slick, lightweight piece of technology was now worthless.
I don’t care that it was a $200 camera. I don’t care that I might have to go a couple days without a flip camera. I don’t care that I lost an awesome video I shot this weekend of a gorgeous girl juggling fire. What I care about are all of the memories that I have lost.
I got my flip camera in December as a Christmas present. That camera had video from my Orlando, Pittsburgh, Phoenix, Las Vegas, and Seattle trips. It also had video from my sister’s wedding, various concerts, and a bunch of work stuff. It had video from this past epic weekend when my brother came and visited me here in Missoula. All of that is gone now.


                        At least pictures still exist of the good time Glen and I had in Missoula.

I am kicking myself so hard right now. Out of all the videos I took on my flip camera, I uploaded maybe 10% of them onto my computer (in the case that I wanted to share one on Facebook). If I was not so lazy there was no reason why I could not have uploaded ALL of them onto my computer. Tough lesson to learn.
I said a couple paragraphs ago that I might wait a few days until I purchase a new one…well I just made a decision while writing this…I am buying a new one tomorrow. After work tomorrow I am off to Best Buy to purchase my second flip camera. I know it won’t bring back any of the videos that are now gone forever but I need my little piece of technology. I have said a couple times in my posts that I am not a big “material” person but I do need my digital camera and my flip camera at all times.
I am known to be kind of clumsy with my gadgets. I have gone through five phones in three years and I had my digital camera broken in a bar. But nothing hurts as much as my flip camera meeting its demise. I never use the pocket in my shorts that I used to put my flip camera in today. It was just that my regular pockets were already full with my digital camera, phone, and wallet so I had to use my more obscure, buttoned pocket for the flip camera. I was at a BBQ tonight and I needed to have my flip camera with me. If only I decided to go to the Osprey game instead of the BBQ this never would have happened (BBQ was fun though!).
I need to be smarter and more accountable with my possessions. No more losing/breaking phones, cameras, and flip cameras. Starting right now, I am going to stop throwing money down the drain and stop erasing memories. Time to take some pride!! Don’t Blink.

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