Casey Anthony Verdict: Only In America

Today the long awaited verdict in the Casey Anthony trial was delivered. In the charge that everyone cared about, first degree murder, Anthony was found not guilty. In addition, she also was found not guilty on charges of aggravated child abuse and aggravated manslaughter of a child. The jury returned guilty verdicts on four different counts of providing misleading information to law enforcement officers. Each count carries up to a year in prison but it looks like Anthony might get credit for time served.
I watched this case slowly evolve over the past three years. I followed the arrest, the meltdown of the parents, the jailhouse calls, the suicide attempt, the trial, etc., etc., etc.   To say the least, it was a very intriguing case because it centered on a rich family made up of very colorful characters caught in a very heinous crime. Yes, I grew to despise the trio of liars (Casey, mom, and dad). I know this for a fact: All three of them had some role in the death of Caylee Anthony.  Whether it be the actual deed, the cover up, or the pile of baloney that was served to authorities, the whole family was involved.  With that said, I am not surprised with the jury’s verdict.
I must say I was taken aback a little bit by the strong reaction of shock and dismay that seemed to erupt through the country earlier today when the verdict was announced. It seemed as if everyone from the people in my office to the people I follow on Twitter to the analysts on television could not begin to believe the not guilty verdict. It was as if these people thought it was an open and shut case in which Casey Anthony would be sent on her way to prison for a very long time. To all of today’s outraged citizens I ask, what did you expect?
Look, reiterating what I said above, I can’t think of three more slimy people than the Anthonys. In their cold hearts they know what happened to Caylee. However, all it takes is an 8th grade education of our judicial system to understand that a suspect is innocent until proven  guilty and the only way to prove a suspect’s  guilt is to provide evidence that incriminates him/her of the crime beyond a reasonable doubt. Come on, don’t we all know that? Fact of the matter is, evidence beyond a reasonable doubt was not provided in the Casey Anthony murder charge part of the case.
Basically, the prosecution’s case relied entirely on circumstantial evidence. In other words, most of the evidence was based off of assumptions that then connected events and motives together. The one piece of possible evidence that really could have doomed Casey Anthony, high levels of chloroform inside the trunk of her car, was dismissed by experts from the defense. To be fair, the defense’s explanation of the death of Caylee (she supposedly drowned) was largely based on circumstantial evidence as well. However, in the United States the burden of proof does not rest on the defense….it rests on the prosecution. Aided by a great defense team that was able to cast doubt on the prosecution’s story while also providing a legitimate alternative theory of their own combined with the lack of direct evidence exposed by the prosecution gave the jury really no other choice than to find Casey Anthony not guilty of murder.
I tweeted right when the verdict came out that only in America could Casey Anthony be found not guilty. I did not mean this as a slight at all to our judicial system, I was just pointing out the unique court system we have in this country. In many other countries, the accused are guilty until proven innocent and have very few rights. Due process and legal representation is an afterthought. This post is not for me to defend or critique our judicial system but you might want to ask yourself right now whether you would want the same trial rights Casey Anthony had if you were accused of the exact same crime.
Before closing this post out, I just want to touch on the beating the dad, George Anthony, took during the trial. After all the support he gave his daughter, Casey backed the defense’s stance that daughter and father found that Caylee had drowned in the family pool and panicked, causing them to not notify authorities (George Anthony denied it). If that wasn’t enough, the defense explained Casey’s bizarre and unsympathetic behavior by saying it was her way of coping with tough events because it was the way her father had taught her to react while he was sexually abusing her throughout the years (he denied that as well). Man, what a loyal and caring daughter you raised Mr. Anthony.
Well I hope Nancy Grace’s life can return to normal and she can fill the outrageous number of hours she gets on television yelling about something else. Then again, sentencing is not until Thursday so I guess I should probably not hold my breath. Don’t Blink.

2 thoughts on “Casey Anthony Verdict: Only In America

  1. And yet I am sure people like you believe that Osama Bin Laden was behind 9/11 when there was no evidence presented that he was. Hell, the guy was never even charged on the FBI page for it yet he’ll go down in history as the mastermind simply because some government people said so.

    This is what I find funny when people say “innocent until proven guilty” as they don’t seem to use that theory across the board.

    Maybe all we needed with this Casey Anthony woman was for Obama to say she was guilty and magically she would have been found guilty.

  2. I love this. I guess my blog has really made it now that I have conspiracy theorists reading it.

    Yeah, people like me do believe that Osama Bin Laden was behind 9/11. There are several videos and audio tapes of Bin Laden taking responsibility for the attacks. And oh yeah, when our Navy Seals went into his compound and took him out, they found enough documents to “fill a small college library” with many of them detailing 9/11.

    Won’t even address your Obama comment because it made no sense at all. He was not even close to the Presidency during 9/11.

    Bottom line, please do not confuse American Law with terrorism. Don’t Blink.

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