My Wrap Up on American Idol Season 10

I just want to leave a couple thoughts about last night’s American Idol finale.
I thought the non-finalist performances were okay. Just to pick a couple of highlights: “The Edge of Glory” is by far my favorite Lady Gaga song and she did a good job of performing it last night. Steven Tyler started off great when he sang “Dream On” but it was so short! I was expecting him to transition into another hit and really blow everyone away. Loved his intensity though, he is a true entertainer. At the start of show, the eliminated Idol performers sang Gaga’s “Born This Way”. By far the best performance featuring the Idol cast. Thought Marc Anthony’s performance was average and I thought JLO’s dancing in it was too forced. Do I even need to say anything about Casey Abrams and Jack Black’s performance? It sucked. Casey Abrams was by far the Idol contestant I hated the most.
As for the performances by the finalists: I really think the Tim McGraw and Scotty McCreery duet will go down in American Idol history as one of the best ever. It was that well done. Scotty stood toe-to-toe with McGraw and matched him every step of the way.  It was a great moment. In my post from yesterday, I said I was pulling for Lauren to win…that all changed after McGraw and McCreery sang “Live Like You Were Dying”.
Lauren Alaina’s duet with Carrie Underwood was good. However, it did not even come close to the electricity that the McGraw-McCreery duet produced. Alaina showed off her great vocals and I would say she actually held her own with Underwood but ten years from now we will still be watching the “Live Like You Were Dying” performance while everyone will have forgotten about “Before He Cheats”.
Congratulations to Scotty McCreery for winning the tenth season of American Idol. This kid is going to be a country music superstar. There really is no doubt in my mind. His voice is simply unbelievable. He is an artist who I would go out and buy his CD right away. Yes, he does need to work on his stage presence, that is something that was plainly exposed when he did perform with McGraw. But that will all come. I predict a Kellie Pickler type career for Lauren Alaina. She is very talented but losing American Idol hurt her career last night whereas if Scotty would have lost it would not have hurt him as much.
In closing, congrats to all the executives at American Idol who really revamped the show this year. They made some major changes and took some major risks that paid off.  Don’t Blink.

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