Overlooking Lefties

As I was stumbling through Facebook last night, I clicked on a Buzzfeed link. It took me to a page that laid out all the hardships left-handed people face. Because yesterday was International Lefthanders Day, it was surely getting a lot of traffic.

No, I am not left handed. But I now sympathize with those who are.

Up until the point last night when I was scrolling through the list, I had not given much thought to the challenges that left-handed people face in a right-handed world. But as I continued to read inconvenience after inconvenience, I thought to myself, wow, lefthanders really are confronted with minor obstacles in everyday life.

I hate that it took me over 30 years to figure this out. I just thought that left-handed folks sometimes got screwed when they sat down at old school desks. Even with that, I didn’t have much sympathy because lefties always had an advantage on the baseball field. Chalk it up to ignorance. I grew up in a right-handed family (with the exception of my brother who bats/golfs left) and married a right-handed wife. We have had it easy.

After my light reading last night, I have a better understanding of how it goes on and on for lefthanders: Zippers. Spiral notebooks. Crosswords. Scissors. Built-in pens at banks.

But what really made me realize the unjustice lefties face? Credit/debit card swipers. I tried to imagine making a transaction with my left hand at the grocery store and I just couldn’t deal.

Imagine using this with your left hand.

The jury is still out on what hand Sloan will favor. As parents we all hope that our kids will be prodigies and be ambidextrous. However, betting against the fact that Sloan will be part of the 1% of the population that can use both hands equally well, I hope she turns out to be a rightie.

To all my left-handed friends: I feel for you and I apologize for not being more understanding of your situation. Don’t Blink.

Remembering That Special Moment

If you have a Facebook account, there is no doubt you have seen the creative and crazy methods that couples will use to announce that they are expecting a baby. I like to think we used more creativity than craziness when we announced that we were expecting Sloan.

But before a couple can make the big public announcement, there is the task of delivering the news to your loved ones. It was an emotional Skype call when we let my parents in on the big news.

I created a video of the reaction of my parents after Sidney and I told them we are expecting.

However, even before you let your parents and siblings know, there is an even greater disclosure that must be made.

Spouse to spouse.

I have never revealed how Sidney delivered me the beautiful news. But because I was recently reminded of it via Timehop, I thought it would make for a good, brief blog post.

As a child, I loved Curious George books. In fact, they were some of the first books I was ever able to read myself. My admiration for this troublesome but good-intentioned monkey has always stayed with me. Sidney used to work at a baby store filled with furniture, accessories, toys, and stuffed animals. One day when I was paying her a visit at work, she noticed that I was looking at a stuffed Curious George. I told her my connection to the popular children’s book character.

A week or so later, Sid was over at my apartment. I went to use the bathroom. When I walked out, the stuffed Curious George was sitting on my little dining room table. It was a thoughtful and silly surprise that immediately put a huge grin on my face.

Some photos of us with George. The one on the left is of me with George inside the store prior to Sidney “adopting” him.

From that point on, we kind of designated George as the “mascot” of our relationship. He would travel with us, sit with us, and appear in photos with us. Ya, it was a little bit creepy.

During a late July morning at work in 2016, my iPhone indicated I had a message from Sid. I swiped and this is what was waiting for me…

Sidney told me the good news with this photo.

I was in shock. I immediately called Sid and asked her if she went out and bought a dog. She told me no.

“Is it true?…” I remember saying, using every ounce of energy to get out the words.

Sidney confirmed that it was. I remember the rest of that day being a blur. I was so surprised! But the feeling of surprise was trumped by the feeling of happiness that God had blessed us with Sid’s pregnancy so soon after we had tied the knot.

It was a selfless act of George to deliver the news. From that moment on, he would never hold the prominence he once did in our relationship. For him to be a good sport about it says a lot about his character, even if he is just an inanimate object full of stuffing.

I will never forget that day. The feeling I had when I opened up that text message will always be with me. Well played, Sid. Don’t Blink.

Back From Hiatus Thursday Rundown

What a hiatus it has been! An unprecedented four weeks have passed since I last wrote a Thursday Rundown. Oh my gosh, do I even remember how to write one of these things? Let’s find out. Here we go…

Turtles at CCU – Earlier this week, I took photos of the turtles that make Wall Pond their home at Coastal Carolina University. I published variations of the photos on a couple of our main #CCU social media accounts. My personal favorite is the one below. Although it focuses more on the beauty of our campus than it does the turtles, I love the colors. Needless to say, CCU is truly a scenic place to work. If you want to see more of the turtles and less of the greenery, click here.

I work at a very scenic campus. Very fortunate to be employed by Coastal Carolina University.

Costco Grand Opening – One of the things we did in Spokane that I didn’t directly address in my recap post was attend a Costco grand opening. The gigantic new warehouse is located about two minutes from my parents’ house in what was once a wooded area (bye bye trees). It opened at 8 a.m. on a Friday and we were there a couple minutes after the doors flung open. Unexplainably, people were leaving the store with carts full of merchandise as we walked in (talk about speed shoppers!). The experience was pretty much exactly what you would expect: huge crowds but numerous samples. As someone who visits Costco every now and then, I enjoyed checking out the sparkling new store.

At 8:30 a.m. in the morning it was chaos at Spokane’s new Costco.

Eggs Up Grill – A Conway/Myrtle Beach breakfast staple is a place called Eggs Up Grill. With several locations now around the Grand Strand area, its popularity is evidenced by its expansion. Oddly enough, as a guy who likes to hit up great breakfast spots, I had never visited an Eggs Up Grill until this past Sunday. While out and about in Market Common, our family stopped by the newly opened location in the area for some breakfast. An efficient and inexpensive dining experience, I ordered a biscuit sandwich. What delighted me the most was that it came with a side of gravy for dipping. I will be back!

My breakfast at Eggs Up Grill, complete with the side of gravy.

Longest Red Light EVER – I have complained about a certain traffic light on Twitter before but today’s experience has motivated me to take my beef to the blog! When I leave Gold’s Gym in the early mornings, I come up on a light at U.S. 17 and Mr. Joe White Avenue in Myrtle Beach. For whatever reason, it makes me wait at the very least 5-8 minutes for the green arrow to flash so I can make a left turn onto the highway. For an area that has a low volume of traffic at 5:55 a.m. in the morning, I find the wait a little excessive. That was until today. I was stuck at the light for 12 minutes (yes, I keep track on my car radio how long it takes each morning)! No amount of flashing my brights or pulling slightly forward/pulling slightly back will work. I am too chicken to run it. In all seriousness, why do some lights stay red for such an insane amount of time?

Because I sat here for 12 minutes this morning, I had plenty of time to take a photo.

Cute Photo to End It – Sorry again for neglecting the Thursday Rundown for four weeks. To make up for it, here is a cute photo of Sloan and her cousin, Henry. Both babies found themselves in baskets while we were on vacation at Lake Keowee. They stayed in them for maybe 30 seconds before jumping out and resuming to create havoc throughout our vacation house. Gotta love them!

Sloan and Henry hung out in some baskets while on vacation.


I think a lot of times we forget how lucky we are (me included!!). Take a moment or two to thank God for the many blessings many of us living in this country enjoy. Have a great weekend, everyone. Don’t Blink.

The Recent Developments of Sloan

It has been a long time since I wrote an update on Sloan. As she approaches 17 months, it is plainly obvious that she is no longer a baby – rather, she is a full functioning toddler. But I look at her as more than just a toddler. I see Sloan as a miniature human with actual thoughts, ideas, emotions, and wants. It is incredible how she can understand us and grasp concepts.

Sloan isn’t a baby anymore.

For tonight’s blog post, I want to quickly list 10 ways in which Sloan connects and engages with us on a daily basis.

Our daughter is showing no signs of slowing down.

Puts on our shoes – If Sloan wants to go somewhere, she will go to the closet and bring us our shoes. She might bring me non-matching sneakers or two left foot shoes, but she knows that in order to leave the house, we can’t go out barefoot. She will even try to put them on for us.

Sloan loves to be outside and will let her intention be known by bringing us our shoes.

Covers us in a blanket – Sloan knows how comforting it is to snuggle under a blanket. If Sid is watching TV on the couch, our daughter will use all her might to haul over a cozy blanket and drape it on her.

Expresses when she is finished eating – When Sloan has had her fill at lunch or dinner, she will rub her hands together and say “all done!” Sure, it is a little irritating when she says it after just taking a couple bites but it is meaningful communication at the very least. “All done” has actually now extended past the dining room table. If she is tired of a toy or gets impatient while we change her diaper, she will make the motion with her hands and say the two magic words.

If Sloan is finished with dinner or a bottle, she will clasp her hands together and say “all done.”

The actual two magic words – It warms our hearts every time Sloan says “thank you.” She overuses it a bit because she will say it when she gives us something, but our thinking is that saying it too much is better than not saying it at all. We are happy that Sloan has learned how to express gratitude and we hope she continues to do so.

Sloan is very gracious…to humans and animals.

Father, Son, Holy Spirit – Taking Sloan to church and praying with her daily has paid off. She can now do the Sign of the Cross. It might not be as pronounced as when the Pope does it, but she has the general idea. Additionally, when we take her to mass, she points to the baptismal fountain and makes sure that we bless her with holy water.

Throwback photo to Sloan with her rosary. She is now able to start and finish the prayer because she knows the Sign of the Cross.

Showing Affection – Nothing is better than receiving love from your little girl. Sloan has blown kisses for several months but she will now give real hugs and kisses. Talk about sweet!

Sloan is very affectionate and happy.

Tech Baby – We have to develop a plan to limit Sloan’s use of our devices but for the time being she has figured out how to use an iPhone. She is skilled at swiping and has taken several selfies. If she is not engaging with the screen of the phone, then she is holding it up to her ear and saying “hello.”

No, No – There is never a doubt if Sloan doesn’t like something or if she wants to change the behavior of someone else. With a piercing look, Sloan will make eye contact and say “no, no” (as if the first “no” wasn’t enough). She says it so much that Sid and I now say it to each other!

Sloan likes to be in charge and if she sees something she doesn’t like, be prepared for “no, no.”

This little piggy went to… – Did you ever play the this little piggy went to market, this little piggy stayed home, etc. game with your toes? We play it with Sloan all the time and now she plays it with us! Last night, Sid and I were in our night time clothes watching a movie and our daughter went from one foot to the other, pulling our toes and saying the rhyme the best way that she could. It was 100% cuteness.

Fashion diva – Sloan loves to brush her hair! She used to carry around the brush we got for her at the hospital when she was born but she has since graduated to more sophisticated beauty tools. She will walk around the house carrying one of those hand mirrors while using either Sid’s brush or my brush to make sure her hair looks just right. Hey, her curly mane is tough to handle!

That is enough on Sloan for now, she has to go to bed. Thanks for reading!


Watching your child transition from a baby to a toddler is sad in some ways but very joyful in others. We enjoy watching Sloan develop and hope she continues to grow at a healthy pace. Don’t Blink.

The Problem With “Brent”

I personally am content with my first name. I feel Brent is not overly common (think John or Matt) nor outrageously bizarre (think Blue Ivy or Prince Michael). Sure, it isn’t the most flashy identifier and it won’t get you many points in Scrabble, but it does the job. My first name is unique enough that when paired with my last name it makes me the only Brent Reser in the world.

However, there is one thing about my first name that always causes some confusion. It happened again today…

I was talking to someone I recently met. We had corresponded via text message a couple times. While in mid conversation, this particular person suddenly looked alarmed.

“I am so sorry! I have been referring to you by the wrong name.”

Her eyes were fixated on my name tag, the pesky “n” between the “e” and the “t” standing out like a sore thumb. Very apologetic about writing my name as “Bret” instead of Brent, I told her it happens.

A lot.

Being called “Brett” is second nature to me.

It happens at least on a weekly basis that someone will call me “Brett” or type “Bret”/”Brett” when addressing me in electronic communication. But how can I get mad? Brent and Brett are very closely related, probably cousins, if not brothers. I concede that “Brett” is a more popular name in society but I like it that way.

Two personal side stories about my first name…

Side Story #1: When I was a little kid, probably 3 or 4, a contractor came over to look at the house next door. Word got to me that his name was also Brent. I was mortified that someone had the exact same name as me. My parents told me that I cried and cried.

Side Story #2: In 5th grade, things got a little confusing. In my class we had a Brent, a Brett, and a Brenton. It took a few weeks for our teacher to get things straight. Currently, in the department I work for at Coastal, there is a friend of mine named Brentley. Emails intended for him are sometimes sent to me (and vice versa).

Back to the main blog post…

So if you call me “Brett,” don’t worry about it. As I told the person today, it is second nature to me. Just as long as my name is spelled correctly on my passport, I never take the “n” too seriously. Don’t Blink.

Back At It

Exactly three weeks ago, I sat here writing about a particular stretch of fun I was about to embark on. It was a much anticipated half month of vacation, a period of time that would see me travel cross country to see my family and also travel to a cozy lake spot in South Carolina to spend several days with Sid’s family. In between those two trips, I did a couple of other things as well.

But we are now well into August and my whirlwind of a summer vacation extravaganza is now over. To be honest, it is probably for the best.

Think about doughnuts or those really good frosted sugar cookies. The first couple you eat are delicious. You keep eating them and they still taste pretty good. Once you have finished off a box, however, you start to feel a little guilty.

It is in my nature to want to work. If I am not in the office (when there is work to be done) or sticking to my regimen in the gym, I get very antsy. Although I can convince myself to take breaks every now and then while thoroughly enjoying the time I away, there is a limit to this bliss.

Although I worked a couple days in between vacations, I was basically out of the office for a span of three weeks. When I returned to Myrtle Beach for good last Thursday night, I was ready to get back at it.

Come the next day, I was given that opportunity. Friday was summer commencement at CCU so I had a 12 hour day that culminated with a graduation ceremony that evening. It was the perfect week to get my feet wet again.

But today was the start of the first full week of work for me in what seemed like ages. I am back on a normal schedule and ready to rock again. Vacations are meant to re-charge and my late July odyssey did just the trick.

With so much to look forward to, my refreshed self is ready to take on this busy time that comes each year when classes start back up at Coastal and Sid’s school year begins. All I have to say is bring it on. Don’t Blink.

Second Half of Summer Vacation 2018

It was 13 days ago that I announced the start of vacation season for our family. We were hours away from a cross country flight that would kickoff an exciting second half of July. Well, nearly two weeks later, the fun isn’t over yet.

Today, we will travel to Lake Keowee for some fun in the sun with Sidney’s family. Nestled next to Clemson University, it will be my first time visiting this particular lake. Word on the street is that Lake Keowee, a South Carolina man-made reservoir, is a great spot. Our group, 12 people strong (including babies), will be staying in a house that we have rented out.

We will travel to Lake Keowee today.

Call me crazy, but I feel I could use another vacation! Although our time in Spokane was better than we could have imagined, it has been an extremely busy time since we returned to the East Coast as I have scrambled to catch up with work as well as plan ahead for it as well.

We will hit the road in a couple hours. The plan is to enjoy several days at this little slice of paradise before returning to Myrtle Beach on Thursday. If the time at the lake is anything close to our experience out west, we are in for a treat! I am excited to spend time with Sid’s family.

Last year, we went to Hilton Head for Sidney’s family’s summer vacation.

I hope everyone has a great week! My blogging vacation will continue as we enjoy this latest summer excursion. Don’t worry, I will return to a regular Don’t Blink schedule in early August. Until then, happy birthday to my mom and my nephew, Harrison, who will both celebrate birthdays on Thursday. Don’t Blink.

A Special Time in Spokane

I would be lying if I said it was easy leaving Spokane. Truthfully, we didn’t want to leave. But all good things must come to an end. Before I recap our trip by mentioning a highlight from each day we spent in my childhood hometown, I want to mention the absolute best part of the trip:

The bonding.

Throughout the eight days, our growing family continued to come closer together. My brother and sister already have a special and supportive relationship with Sidney, one that will make most envious. But the brother-in-law/sister-in-law connection strengthened even more over the week.

Sidney has a strong relationship with both my sister and my brother.

Then you had the extremely special friendship that developed between Sloan and her cousins. You would think that a meaningful relationship between a 1-year-old and her cousins she only sees twice a year, a 3-year-old and another 1-year-old, would be very elementary or non-existent. Not the case. The kids grew to really love each other, so much so that Sloan would reach over to Mikayla to give her a hug and walk over to Johnny and kiss him on the cheek. It was so cute but also so genuine.

There is definitely a love between Sloan and her cousins.

Sidney and I had the pleasure of meeting Glen’s girlfriend, Carrie. We were so impressed with her as we all had the opportunity to spend a lot of time together. My brother has definitely found himself a great girl.

It was a pleasure to meet Carrie.

Last but not least, my wife and mom developed additional chemistry as well. Sid would go alone with my mom to run errands and they had several in-depth conversations that centered on a lot of topics, including me!

Sid and my mom had many opportunities to spend time together while we were in Spokane.

It was nice to see our family get along so well. But enough with the mushy stuff, let’s get to the highlights of the trip from the eight full days we were in Spokane!

Tuesday, July 17: Nephew’s Birthday Party – We were present when Johnny was born a year ago and we were fortunate to be in town for his first birthday. My sister held the party in a shaded part of her lawn on Tuesday evening. All of my parents’ children and grandchildren were present and I had the pleasure of meeting Carrie for the first time. Of course, the star of the show was Johnny. After we ate dinner he “smashed” his blue cupcake and then we moved inside to open presents.

I felt fortunate that I was able to attend Johnny’s first birthday party.

Wednesday, July 18: Swimming at Northside Aquatics Family Facility – We didn’t pack our swimsuits for nothing! On Wednesday morning, Sid, Sloan, and I went to nearby Colbert, WA, to enjoy one of Spokane County’s public swimming pools. A modern spin on a public swim center, we enjoyed the different water stations and laid back atmosphere of the Northside Aquatics Family Facility. It was a refreshing start to the day!

It was a refreshing time at the Northside Aquatics Facility in Spokane

Thursday, July 19: Visit to the Mobius Children’s Museum – This was a treat. The three of us went with my sister, Miranda, and her 3-year-old daughter, Mikayla, to downtown Spokane for an educational and fun experience. We visited the Mobius Children’s Museum, an interactive center where kids can play and experiment with different hands-on exhibits. Sloan and Mikayla blew bubbles, learned about electricity, built structures, played at the water table, and so much more. Afterwards, the girls rode the famous Riverfront Park Looff Carousel.

We had a lot of fun at the Mobius Children’s Museum.

Friday, July 20: Putt Putt with Glen and Carrie – Although Spokane can’t hold a candle to the putt putt courses in Myrtle Beach, it sure is enjoyable golfing 18 holes in zero humidity. Sid and I went to Wonderland Family Fun Center with my brother, Glen, and his girlfriend, Carrie, for some friendly competition. Before we hit the course, we sipped a drink on the patio as we enjoyed engaging conversation. Congratulations to Sidney for pulling off the upset and coming out as the big winner.

Enjoying our best lives playing putt putt at Wonderland Family Fun Center.

Saturday, July 21: Reser Family Cookout – My parents hosted an extended family get-together on Saturday. My aunts and cousins from my dad’s side traveled from Walla Walla to join us in my parents’ backyard for an evening of good food, cold drinks, and summer fun. It was so nice to see everyone and show off Sloan. With the weather perfect, the music playing, and the laughter abundant, it was a thrilling atmosphere.

A photo of all us “kids” (minus the aunts and my mom/dad) at the cookout.

Sunday, July 22: Mass at St. Thomas More – Every time I return to Spokane, I look forward to attending mass at the parish I grew up in. We worshipped at the 7 p.m. Sunday evening service with Fr. Pat Kearst officiating. My parents, Glen, Sid, Sloan, and I all sat in the same pew as the gospel was about Jesus having pity on the large crowds of people who crowded the shore to see him when he was out on a boat with his disciples. It was a perfect time to reflect and thank God for the great trip we were enjoying.

I always looks forward to attending my childhood parish of St. Thomas More.

Monday, July 23: Going on a Walk – Pacific Northwest evenings during the summer are the best. The temperature drops but the daylight lingers. This past Monday night, we went on a family walk through my parents’ neighborhood. We had so much fun taking turns pushing Sloan and reminiscing about who used to live in the various houses that we passed. It was special to walk side-by-side with family members I don’t get to see nearly enough.

We took a nice walk through the Camelot neighborhood on Monday night.

Tuesday, July 24: Family Dinner at The Onion – We concluded our last full day in Spokane with a very nice family meal at The Onion location in the north part of the city. As we sat around the table I took to heart how much I loved everyone and how lucky I am to have such a great family, even if I do live far away from them. The engaging conversation and endless laughter that was evident throughout the week was present once more in the restaurant.

Our table at The Onion on Tuesday night. It was a very nice meal.

Of course mentioning only one highlight per day leaves a lot out. I didn’t even mention morning coffee outings, shopping adventures, nightly ice cream treats, a trip to a hole-in-a-wall bakery, a Costco grand opening event, blowing bubbles in the front lawn, Jeopardy viewings, swimming at the house next door, donut runs, and so much more.

We had such a memorable time in Spokane.

But, in the end, it didn’t really even matter if we did a million things or not. Like I mentioned at the start of the post, the big takeaway from our time in Spokane was the love that was felt during the entire trip. Sidney, Sloan, and I might not be on the West Coast anymore, but we still feel the special bonds that were built and solidified. Don’t Blink.

Kicking Off Vacation Season With a Trip to Spokane

This year, the month of July is cut into two distinct halves for our family. The first half, which just concluded, was a couple weeks of summertime bliss right here in Myrtle Beach. We celebrated the Fourth of July, made several trips to the pool, ate lots of ice cream, and enjoyed some of the most carefree days of the year. It was all about taking it easy right here at home.

We enjoyed a relaxing and fun first couple weeks of July right here in Myrtle Beach.

But, with the first day of the second half of July now upon us, things are about to change. Get ready to do some traveling because It’s vacation season!

We are off to Spokane. If you have read this blog over the past few years, you know the drill. We will drive to Charleston to catch an Alaska Airlines flight that will take us all the way to Seattle. We will then do the famous one hour “backtrack” to Spokane. We will land in my hometown at 11 p.m. with my parents waiting eagerly at the airport to see their precious granddaughter and to take us back to their house for eight days of family fun.

We are off to Spokane!

Our timing couldn’t be more perfect. My nephew turns 1 tomorrow and we will be able to attend his big birthday bash. On Saturday night, my dad’s family will be in town for a backyard BBQ (out west that means a hot dog and hamburger cookout). We will also get the chance to meet my brother’s girlfriend for the first time. And, you can bet that throughout the week we will visit some of our favorite restaurants and bars.

Nothing too wild or crazy this time around, something we are certainly not disappointed about. We are just so thankful to visit Spokane and see the people who give our little family so much support and encouragement throughout the entire year. Group texting and Snapchat are both great ways we all keep in touch, but nothing beats being physically in the presence of each other. We can’t wait.

A vacation with Sidney’s family will come later this month. More details on that later but we got to hit the road now. To all my Spokane friends and readers – feel free to reach out. It always makes me happy when I get to visit with people I have not seen in a long time. Please know that for the next two weeks it is just not me going on vacation – the blog is too. I will try to write a few times over the course of the rest of the month but no promises. Please pray for our safe travels. Don’t Blink.

Pecan Thursday Rundown

We had a couple days of beautiful, humidity-free days here in Myrtle Beach. But the typical South Carolina summer weather has returned. Before I melt, let me get started with the Thursday Rundown…

Meeting a Star – Today I had the opportunity to meet Nikko Austen Smith, a cast member on the OWN television show “Queen Sugar.” How did such a thing happen? Well, Nikko is actually a CCU alumna. In fact, she just graduated in May! She auditioned for the show right before commencement and got the role. She returned to campus today to give an interview about all the exciting developments in her life (as always, Robin Russell did a spectacular job). She was gracious enough to grant me time to take photos and video of her for future social media content. Nikko is an individual with a BIG personality and no ego. It was a pleasure to meet her.

Nikki Austen Smith and I this morning (I did not mean to focus the photo on me…I feel like a jerk!).

Subway Drive Thru – Depending on where you live in the country, you might have Subway restaurants with drive thrus. Here in South Carolina, it is very common. As we can all guess, ordering a hamburger at a drive thru is much different than ordering a sub sandwich. A lot more can go wrong when you are ordering different types of breads, cheeses, veggies, and sauces. Because of this, I usually just go inside at Subway and order at the counter. Last Saturday, with Sloan comfortably in her car seat, we decided to use the drive thru. Although the sandwich artist only made one error on my sandwich (I didn’t want it toasted) it was the wait that made me wish we had went inside. With only a couple cars in front of us, it took about 15 minutes for us two get our two subs.

A photo I took at the Subway drive thru last Saturday.

A Resemblance? – On Sunday, I sent a photo to our very active Reser Pride 5.0 text messaging thread (it includes my immediate family and our significant others) of Sid, Sloan, and me at the bowling alley. It took just a second for my brother to respond with “Brent! Sloan looks just like you in that photo.” You be the judge. Here is a comparison that includes the photo that I sent to our text group and a couple photos of me when I was young.

Do you see a resemblance? The photo in the top corner is just a zoomed in photo of Sloan from the family photo. The two other small photos are of me.

Flying with Baby – A year ago on this date, Sloan flew on an airplane for the first time. We stressed ourselves out over how she would do on a cross country flight but she ended up doing great. If you are flying with a child for the first time, just make sure to relax and don’t care what other people think. For the most part, passengers will be understanding. Next week, Sloan will embark on her third plane trip. Traveling with a 16-month-old is different than traveling with a 4-month-old or a 9-month-old (Sloan’s ages on her other two trips) but we know she, and us, will survive.

Sidney and Sloan on the plane exactly one year ago today.

National Pecan Pie Day – Today we recognize one of the best desserts there is in this world. Treating yourself to a warm slice of pecan pie every now and then, especially on National Pecan Pie Day, is always okay. BUT, let me just reiterate that my Southern friends have it correct when it comes to the pronunciation of pecan – it is PEE-can, not PEE-con. Come on everyone, you pronounce it phonetically. Okay, enough with my lecture, go enjoy some dessert.


Things are getting very, very busy for our family. Hope everyone else is in a good spot right now. Thanks for taking time to read my blog and I wish you a wonderful summer weekend. Don’t Blink.