Halloween 2011: My Top 5 Favorite Costumes

I celebrated Halloween 2011 to the max. On Saturday night I was Hercules and Monday night I was an INDIAN. While I did put a lot of effort into my costume, there were many other costumes out there that blew mine out of the water. For tonight’s post, I want to rank the top five costumes I encountered on my two nights of Halloween craziness.
5.        The Abominable Snowman
How can you not love this costume? I for one have no idea if there is even a person inside that suit. I mean it could actually be the yeti himself.  I always wonder how people can go out on Halloween in these elaborate suits that restrict your whole body and cover your face. How do you drink? You pretty much just walk around suffocating yourself while staying sober at the same time. Well, because this guy/girl sacrificed quite a bit to wear this awesome costume, he/she definitely cracks my top five.
4. Flo
I hate the progressive commercials with Flo. Everytime I see one I get very angry and want to smash my television screen with a baseball bat. However, this Flo who I met on night two of Halloween had the actual Flo character down to the t. I mean just look at this picture, it very well could be the actual Flo. The costume was creative and the girl stayed in character. Welcome to my top five.
3. Mr. Potato Head
This costume carried with it nostalgia and just looked cool. It was also very intricate and took a lot of time and energy to put on. There were two of them and when they walked around the bar they took up a lot of space, pissing some people off. I loved it.
2. Censored Girl
Even though she is practically wearing nothing, I thought this costume was very creative. I love the costumes that express a joke. A part of me also likes the fact that this girl was so confident in herself (or just really drunk) that she was able to go out into a bar wearing really only a sign.  When you saw her in person, it really was like you were watching a “Girls Gone Wild” commercial. I hope in fifty years she can look at her pictures from this Halloween and know that she had some serious guts.
1.       Caveman from the commercial
You know what I hate more than the Flo commercials? The caveman commercials! Even though I hate them, this guy went all out to look just like one of them. He sounded exactly like them and  said all of the exact same stuff that they say. Yes, the phrase “so easy a caveman can do it” was said more than once by him and the other people rushing up to take pictures with him. That costume took a lot of effort. I have no idea how much time it must have taken to put on all of that makeup and hair. I liked it!
Honorable Mention #1: Superwoman
I definitely give this girl the award for the sexiest costume. Her body fills out that costume like no other and who doesn’t fantasize about a Superwoman? She definitely stood out.
Honorable Mention #2: Demented clown
I give this clown the award for most disturbing costume. Nasty, ugly, and a little scary, this clown got lots of looks and stares from everyone in the bar. Just the paint on his face is flat out disgusting. No wonder so many people are afraid of clowns.
So there is my list for Halloween 2011. Let’s hope that Halloween 2012 offers just as many entertaining costumes. By then though I will be 26 and might have to come to grips that I am a little too old for Halloween. But then again, you only live once…might as well dress up every chance you get. Don’t Blink.